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Origin: Sadowniczy Zakład Doświadczalny Instytutu Ogrodnictwa, Brzezna

Plant characteristics – Plant growth is moderately strong, stiff stems, arched at the top. Thorns are numerous, but
small, little aggressive. Two-year-olds canes produces a large number of fruits canes, medium length.

Fruit characteristics – The fruit are large or very large, elongated, live red with, glossy and very tasty.

Diseases resistance – The canes are very resistant to low temperatures in winter, but sometimes damage is part
of the buds. It is characterized by a low susceptibility for Didymella applanata causing raspberry cane withering
and fruit rot.

Season – Early (June/July).

Use of the variety – Fruits have a very good shelf life, they are alsovery resistance to damage during transport.
Excellent variety for fresh fruit market.

Available forms of seedlings::




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