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  • Ideal for processing and freezing
  • High brix
  • Dark pulp
  • Easy separation of peduncles

Origin - Reinhold von Sengbusch, Niemcy

Plant characteristics - Its growth is strong, compact habit , slightly spreading . It produces a lot of leaves, which
are of medium size, dark green, slightly glossy.

Fruit characteristics - The first fruits are quite large, later smaller. Their average weight is 6.0-8.0 g Their shape is quite variable .Skin color is intense red to dark red , uniform over the entire surface . The flesh is deep red , fairly uniformly colored and very aromatic, tasty . Strawberries are very firm and do not tolerate transport over long distances .

Season - Medium late variety , ripens about three days after Elsanta

Diseases resistance - The fruit is very susceptible to Decay caused by gray mold ( requires very careful protection
against the disease ) . The plants are very susceptible to white leaf spot . Variety is very often attacked by
strawberry mites In nursery plants can be very easy to infection by powdery mildew. However, there are disease
resistant root system and are not attacked by nematodes. Due to the relatively late flowering spring frosts do not
threaten flowers . The plants are very resistant to low temperatures in winter .
Use of the variety - Great for consumption as fresh, ideal for freezing . The basic variety for processing in the world.

Available forms of seedlings: 





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