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Origin: Wageningen, Holandia

Its growth - is moderately strong, and in fertile and moist soil is stronger, has a loose , erected habit , foliage
medium and large , elongated, pale green and shiny .

Flowers - are located at the level of leaves are large. Plants of this variety small quantity runners.
The fruit is very attractive , medium-sized and large , broadly conical to conical . Skin pale red color with high
gloss . The flesh is light pink , very tasty , juicy , sour and aromatic. The fruit is very firm , well endure transport and long hours of storage . The stalk is easily separated from the fruit.

A variety - of average time of fruit ripening, first strawberries we pick 3-5 days before Senga Sengana .

Plants - of this variety is susceptible to root diseases , so avoid planting positions on strawberries, tomatoes
and potatoes. Leaves less susceptible to white and red blotch , susceptible to powdery mildew . Fruits only slight paralysis by Botritys cinerea. During strong , snowless winters , it is necessary covering of plants.

Available forms of seedlings: 





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