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Origin: NIAB EMR, UK.

Season -Malling Allure has a late season, fruiting typically 10-12 days later than Elsanta in the UK.

Plant Characteristics - Malling TM Allure is a robust plant, has a moderate vigour in comparison to other lateseason
varieties and with an upright habit. The fruit is well presented to the picker.

Pest& disease Resistance - Malling TM Allure gas moderate susceptibility to crown rot (Phytophora
cacrorum) and wilt (Verticilium dahlia) and shows a useful level of resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera
aphanis) compared to Elsanta.

Plant Availability - The propagation or sale of plants or plants of Malling TM Allure without a license is prohibited.
Malling TM Allure is available from the following licensed propagators.

Available forms of seedlings: 





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