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Origin: University of California, USA

Day neutral variety, bred at the University of California Growth is quite strong, so the Portola should be planted in
a larger spacing than Albion ripening period is about 14 days earlier than Albion
Size of fruit similar to Albion, but they are a bit brighter and more shiny, conical shape, very regular, fruits have
excellent durability Variety good resistant to major diseases, including Verticillum, crown rot (Phytophthora cactorum) and powdery mildew Variety mainly for the fresh market, very high productivity!

The strawberry variety PORTOLA is protected by the EU Plant Variety Rights which means that without a licence the propagation, preparation for propagation, offering for sale, sale, export to the EU, import from the EU, or storing for any of the above purposes, is strictly forbidden. Infringement of this law will result in liability of damages against the offender towards the Breeder of the based on the article 94, Council Regulation Nr 2100/1994 from 27th July 1994 on Community Plant Variety Rights (Offical Journal L 227, 01/09/1994 P. 0001-0030).

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