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  • Regular conic-shaped berries with very good skin
  • flesh firmness and pleasant flavor
  • Shelf life has been shown to be good with an orange-red colour that holds weel in store

Origin: NIAB EMR, Wielka Brytania

Fruit Quality - Regular conic-shaped berries with very good skin and flesh firmness and pleasant flavor. Shelf life has been shown to be good with an orange-red colour that holds weel in store.

Seanson - Malling TM Champion is an everbearer which produces its peak harvest in July and picks steadily trough
August in the UK

Yield and fruit size - With an average fruit yield of 935g per plant in grower trials, Malling Champion has very good
yield potential. Berries are large, average 24g in EMSBC trials with 62% measuring >35mm. the percentage of
class 1 berries produces averaged 88% in EMSBC grower trials.

Plant characteristics - Malling TM Champion is a robust yet compact plant with low vigour and fruit is well presented
on long trusses providing for very easy harvesting.

Pest&Disease Resistance - Malling TM Champion is resistant to crown rot (Pytophthora cactorum) and wilt
(Verticillium dahlia) and shows moderate resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis)

The strawberry variety MALLING TM CHAMPION is protected by the EU Plant Variety Rights which means that without a licence the propagation, preparation for propagation, offering
for sale, sale, export to the EU, import from the EU, or storing for any of the above purposes, is strictly forbidden. Infringement of this law will result in liability of damages against the
offender towards the Breeder of the based on the article 94, Council Regulation Nr 2100/1994 from 27th July 1994 on Community Plant Variety Rights (Offical Journal L 227, 01/09/1994 P. 0001-0030).

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