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Origin - Fresh Forward, Holland.

Cultivation - Allegro is an early season June-bearer. The harvest period of Allegro is identical to that of Clery.
Flowering starts a few days later than Clery, but this is compensated by a fast development and ripening of the
fruit. Allegro has a very upright plant habit with rapidly stretching petioles, leading to a good plant volume.
Because of Allegro’s fast vegetative growth rate, it is recommended to use a restrained fertigation scheme and
avoid supplying too much nitrogen. The long flower trusses stretch rapidly and split at the tip
into fairly compact clusters of 6 to 9 flowers. The flowers produce a lot of pollen and fruit set is exceptionally good, which results in a very low proportion of misshapen fruit for Allegro.

Allegro produces very healthy plants with good tolerance to both Phytophthora cactorum and Verticillium as well as high resistance to powdery mildew.

Fruit Quality - The excellent fruit set of Allegro results in very uniform fruit that are of medium length and
conical in shape, making Allegro very recognizable. The strawberries are a shining bright red, with uniform
coloration throughout. The fruits feel firm, but are not overly hard and the fruit skin is fairly tolerant to bruising.

Allegro has an excellent taste, with an average Brix value of 9° in our open field trials.

The strawberry variety ALLEGRO is protected by the EU Plant Variety Rights which means that without a licence the propagation, preparation for propagation, offering for sale, sale, export to the EU, import from the EU, or storing for any of the above purposes, is strictly forbidden. Infringement of this law will result in liability of damages against the offender towards the Breeder of the based on the article 94, Council Regulation Nr 2100/1994 from 27th July 1994 on
Community Plant Variety Rights (Offical Journal L 227, 01/09/1994 P. 0001-0030).

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