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Plant characteristics - Primocane variety. Early fruitbearing on one-year-old canes(long fruiting period),
whereas mid-season on two-year-olds(medium in length period). Canes and buds are a little prone to freeze injury,
plant of medium growth. Cane height is from 1,5 up to 1,8m.Canes of moderate growth vigor and stiffness with
large thorns. Dark green crinkled leaves with 3 elongated leaflets. Short inflorescences bear medium-sized flowers,
pedicels are light brown in color.

Fruit characteristics - Medium-sized berries, conical, glossy red and firm. Excelent shelf life, exhibit very good
longevity in turnover. Polka fruit are characterized with excellent flavor, Brix value reaches 11,7%,while Tulameen
cv 10,3% and Glen Ample 9,0%.

Use of the variety - Best suited for under plastic tunel production as fresh fruit. Recommended for freezing,
processing with machine harvesting due to its chemical composition and high fruit quality.

Available forms of seedlings:




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