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Origin: Azienda Agricola Molari and Gatti di Molari Gilberto, Italy

Enrosadira is a new early primocane variety. Is been breed and selected in Italy, patented since the 2014. The reasons
of the increasing interest is due to the bright colour of the fruits as well as their nice shape and fantastic taste, but
also the ease of picking and the shelf life. This are the also the reasons that make of Enrosadira one of the top
varieties worldwide. Enrosadira is good both for a good primocane production as well as for a floricane production.
It gives to the farmer the possibility to decide wich type of production obtain, playing with the time of plantation and
the nutrition. In general prefers quite high fertilization: higher it is, delaied will be the primocane production (and
higher the floricane one, as consequence). The fruit size is very big at the beginning of the primocane production
(10 grams) reaching an average of 7-8 grams going on in the season. The floricane production is found to produce
very big fruits (10 grams in average in Kick tests, in Netherlands). If grown in the soil the EC level can easily
reach 1.6-1.7, and the plants will eat everything wothout problem. In the pot cultivation the EC level can reach also
2 (I’ve seen farms reaching also 2.4 in the higher moment, of course with an increase in vegetation and a delayed
picking). Normal distance for the growing is 3 plants per linear meter. Normally Enrosadira grows quite a lot, it
vegetate a lot and become quite long. Laterals are not very long.

Available forms of seedlings:




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